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Layaway Terms


Layaways are based on a term of 90 days and will start when the down payment has been received and posted to that account. At which time the layaway account will be marked as "Closed" for changes for which no fees are applied for items which have been removed or replaced.

Layaways items must have a minimum total of $50.00 before they can be placed in to a layaway account. Items which have been placed into a layaway which are not currently in stock will be ordered to fulfill the requirements for the layaway account in question.

After the first minimum down payment of $50.00 plus any setup fees, all other subsequent payments can be made at any time and for any amount. Layaway payments shown on the site for individual items are based on an interval of 9 days and are displayed only as a reference and does not reflect any shipping or sales tax which may apply. Shipping charges, if any, and any sales tax which may apply to layaway items will be calculated when the final payment is placed into the shopping cart and will be added to the final payment at the time of checkout.

Layaway items will be shipped when final payment is posted and confirmed by StraightLine Productions, LLC to be complete.

Layaway accounts that exceed there scheduled term of 90 days will be charged a fee of 10% at 90 plus one day, and for every 30 day period exceeding the Layaway term until the balance of payments made has been exhausted, at which time the Layaway account will be canceled.

Any balance left on customer canceled Layaway accounts will be, at the sole discretion of StraightLine Productions, LLC, refunded back in the form of the original payment method or will be issued in the form of store credit. Refunded amount not to exceed the amount of all payments minus any cancelation, restocking or any other fees which may be applied at the time of cancelation.


A yearly fee of $10.00 will be applied to each customer account which has an active layaway account.

There are no fees to add or remove items in a layaway account or too delete (completely remove) a layaway account from the system with a layaway status of "Open".

There are no fees to add items to any existing layaway account. All items added to an existing layaway account will be subject to the original start date of that account and must be paid by the end of that account for which it has been placed, regardless of when the added item is placed into a layaway account.

A cancelation fee of 10% will be assessed to any layaway with a status of "Closed" that is canceled by the user or for one that has all of it's items removed at which time the layaway account will be canceled.

A 10% restocking fee applies for each item replaced or removed from an existing layaway account with a status of "Closed" or for layaway account which payments have been applied, including canceled accounts.

*These terms are subject to change with out notice.

** Amounts displayed in any currency other than US Dollars are based on the exchange rate in effect at the time this page is displayed and are subject to change with out notice.

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